Food brings people
together in a way
nothing else can


Hi, I’m Amit. I moved to Rockhampton, Australia in 2006 as an international student. I come from a farming background and have always been fascinated with organic homegrown and local fresh produce. I don’t have a cooking degree, but I cook with passion. I’ve watched and learnt how to prepare authentic food first hand, from people of different backgrounds who cook in their own unique way; it’s amongst the things I enjoy the most.

TruFusion had a very humble beginning. My wife and I are both passionate cooks; she has been my strongest pillar and always assisted me in pursuing this dream. I started TruFusion restaurant in June of 2018. Food has always brought us closer to each other and also given us a platform to socialise and give back to our dear ones in a very unique form.

Our food is prepared with utmost care and attention to detail and we hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoyed making it. Let the TruFusion team take you on a culinary journey through the Indian Subcontinent.

Food, Whiskey, Family/Friends and Fun!